Switch Kit

Moving all your accounts to Citizens State Bank & Trust Co. has never been easier!  We know your time is valuable, so we’ve provided a group of forms to help you make the switch easy and convenient.  Your time is very important to us!

Here are a few simple steps for the complete switch!

  1. Use the Switch Kit Form.

    This a convenient list of items that you will need to make the SWITCH!

  2. Open your accounts at Citizens State Bank & Trust Co.

    Make a note of your account number and routing number. You will need them later. Remember to open your Net XPress account with Bill Pay to take advantage of this great time saving tool. Use Form #4 – Bill Pay Checklist to help get those payments converted.  

  3. Stop using your old account.

    It could take up to 10 days for all of your checks to clear. Destroy any unused checks, ATM and debit cards and deposit slips.  Use the handy Balance Your Account form to check your account.

  4. Change direct deposits.

    Use the convenient Form #2 – Direct Deposit Request to quickly start the direct deposit of all your checks.  Fill out this form and give it to your employer, the Social Security Administration or your retirement plan. Include a new deposit slip or voided check to help make the switch smooth.

  5. Change automatic payments.

    Use Form #3 – Automatic Payment Request.  Use this form to change all automatic withdrawals or automated payments. Don’t forget about those that use your old debit card number, such as automatic payments made online.

  6. Transfer of Loans.

    Now that your checking, savings, and certificates have been moved to your new bank, see about getting your loans transferred as well. Use Form #5 – Loan Transfer Information form to get that process started right away.

  7. What about that retirement or investment account?

    We have a handy worksheet to help you provide the information needed when you visit with them about what we can offer you! Use the Form #6 – Retirement/Investment Account to help the Trust Officer suggest what is best for you!

  8. Close your old account.

    Send Form #1 – Account Closing Notification, to close your old account(s). Use the handy Balance Your Account form to be confident that all your checks have cleared your account. Your old bank will send you a check. That’s it, you’re done!